Our spectrum

Gutter Broom Wire and Brush Wire in many different variations and forms:
Here you can get an overview of our wide range of products. Of course we can produce other specialities with various sizes upon request.

Gutter Broom Wire „SS-Supra“

hard drawn, flat, straightened steel
sizes: 1.8 x 0.45 – 5.0 x 0.50 mm

Phosphate coated gutter broom wire, galvanized or stainless, available in coils or cut to lenghts. Please contact us! If you have further questions we gladly help you.

Our own production process, certified by ISO 9001, run by
experienced and highly motivated workers gives high quality
brush wires for satisfied customers.

Brush Wire, crimped

round, hard drawn
sizes: 0,10 – 1,00 mm ø

Phosphate coated Brush Wire, galvanized, stainless or steel cord brass coated. Available in coils with a certain number of wires per strand or cut to lenghts.

Brush Wire, tempered and hardened

black or bright, round and flat
sizes (round): 0.20 – 0.85 mm ø
sizes (flat): 1.1 x 0.15 – 1.8 x 0.45 mm

in catchweight coils 360 mm ø, spools or cut to lengths

sizes (round): 0,20 – 0,85 mm ø